This is

 We Have Sacred Spaces For Rent

Places for YOU TO EXPRESS your sacred gift to the world.

A World waiting for what only you can give.

     Pomegranate Releasing Seeds

These sacred spaces have been designed and created
especially for you.

Pomegranate Releasing SeedsHere You Have Freedom to…

bring together student/teacher
bring together client/therapist
bring together researcher/seeker
bring together your special combination

Pomegranate Releasing SeedsLOCATED  in the beautiful spaciousness of the high desert.  West of the 599 bypass minutes to Santa Fe, New Mexico

Pomegranate Releasing SeedsPERFECT SETTING be in tune with yourself and the surrounding serenity of a creation at rest; but expectant. The place to express yourself through meditations, teachings that are practical, spiritual, soulful.  Of whatever flavor or dimension your special brand is.

Pomegranate Releasing SeedsThe NEWEST FRONTIER of scientific inquiry is from physicists, medical researchers, medical intuitives, psychologists, anthropologists, shamans, healers, mediators.  We all have experienced phenomenon which cannot be explained under the old scientific paradigmn of touching, but not necessarily feeling.

 These multi-disciplinary teams of experts in the field of consciousness and spiritual awareness share their knowledge freely through lecture, discussion and experiential sessions and feedback.

Pomegranate Releasing SeedsWE are that team of experts

Pomegranate Releasing SeedsWE are those visionaries; our sack is full of precious seed.

Pomegranate Releasing SeedsWE are the seeds of change.

Pomegranate Releasing SeedsWE are the seeds of knowledge, wisdom and understanding.

Pomegranate Releasing SeedsWE are the fertile soil that holds the seed.

Pomegranate Releasing SeedsWE are the water that nourishes the seed.

The sacred spaces at Daystar of Aldea are waiting for YOU TO POUR OUT  your sacred water from your living well.  Living water that will soften and swell the hard shell, allowing the old to pass away.  Allowing the new growth to emerge.

The word POMEGRANATE in the ancient writings from which the King James Bible was translated, did not mean tree.

Pomegranate Releasing SeedsIt meant G R O W T H.

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