Pomegranate Releasing Seeds


Provide a safe, quiet, non judgemental atmosphere for healing work.  A place where the individual is honored and empowered to be their own decision maker, thier own guiding light.

We are a gathering place for community crossing all barriers and chasms.  To the end that we define our universe in new innovative methods, languages, attitudes and actions.

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The Journey to Here

Born on the open prairie elands of northeastern Montana.  A place where it seemed the wind never stopped blowing.  I grew up wanting to escape that wind.

Now many years later, I enjoy the winds of change in my life.  Especially the winds that blow across this high desert land of Santa Fe New Mexico.  Winds of the spirit move me forward to the next station and the the next city of refuge along the way.  The breath of life never ceasing to breath me.

Many seeds have been gathered only my life’s pathway, wife, mother, teacher, American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor, counselor, manager, business owner, cattle rancher, propagator of all manner of animals, birds, plants, cranial sacral prractitioner, medical missionary, private care RN and many other hats.

Growing up on the edge of the Great Depression, I had no vision, no hope that college was a possibility for me, though I had the desire to study medicine.  Now I am engaged in the study of the spiritual diet, the MASTER KINGDOM human has been eating.

Dreams do come true, not always as we expected.  I returned to school and graduated with both an LPN and RN degrees at the age of 60.  This experience added a great deal of depth to my seed bag.

Being surrounded by youth, certainly rejuvenated and encouraged me to change with the winds of time.  Capturing new viewpoints of innocence, hopefulness and joy.

I have discovered it is the breath of life that breathes me;  I don’t breath.  These many experiences were breathed by the breath of life.  The source of life for the embryo is the  umbilical cord and placenta.  As soon as they are severed from the old womb/tomb, the breath of life comes in.  There is no energy for that newborn babe to draw in that first breath.  It is the gift of life.

Pomegranate Releasing Seeds2003

The winds of Taos, New Mexico called me.  Unable to resist the urgency of it, I departed on what I believed would be a vacation. I left the Northwest coast, where I had lived for a million years in the seemingly endless rain.

The journey to Taos was a reluctant one, having lived at sea level for so very long; I had made the conclusion that 7000 feet meant canyon, mountains, trees and I was not interested in living there.

My feet drug slowly for three days after arriving in New Mexico.  I explored many things, putting off the journey up the Blue Mother River or so it is called by some natives. Others call it the Rio Grande River.

The route up through the canyon is beautiful; then suddenly breaks out into what felt like foreverness.  It took my breath away.  I was instantly at home, as if I had never left this land.

I remained two years, the first one sitting at the foot of the Sangrio de Christo Mountains, which means Blood of Christ Mountains.  I could not seem to absorb enough sunshine; my body was starved for it.

I watched a fire threaten Taos and the pueblo.  Amazed at the heart of the community of Taos that simply wanted to do something to help fight that fire.  Gallons of water, clean t-shirts, Gold Bond powder and any other item thought to be useful for the fire fighters was purchased and delivered to the mountain by Wal-Mart.

Restaurants gave meals, even though the fire fighters are well supplied for their job.  Nonetheless the community heart was opened to assist in whatever ways they could.  Who could resist?

Two years of cave time in Taos that forever changed me.  No longer resisting the endless wind and sun of my youth, I now welcomed both.  Home had returned to me.

Pomegranate Releasing Seeds2005

Returned to the great Northwest to sell my property and relocate in New Mexico.  A journey back to Santa fe for a Shamanic conference convinced me that my new home would be there.  So it is.

Pomegranate Releasing Seeds2007

A trip to Egypt, the motherland of us worked another change in me, one that is still evolving.  It was again as if I had returned home, this time a more far distant home.  I walked the sands of Egypt as if they were more familiar than any land my feet had touched before.  So it is, Egypt is the MASTERSHIP from which the human MASTER KINGDOM was birthed.

You can learn more  about that at http://redheiferlogos.com/  Soon you will be able to purchase the 4 e-books We Are All Egyptians.  The result of 20 years of research.

Pomegranate Releasing Seeds2008

The winds of Santa Fe have drawn me to the high desert place called Aldea.  Aldea means Little Village and that is exactly what the dream was and is for Aldea.  There is a dream, a vision of truly being a community that crosses all barriers, we humans have managed to erect between us.

Here the winds of change are blowing, just as they are across the whole earth.  Ancient seeds are being watered.  New growth is coming.  New concepts of our true divinity.  Old myths of faulted human beings are slowly fading into a far distant past.

Question is can we cut the root of that tree that does not bear good fruit.  The root is deep in the entire human psyche; but can be detached.

We walk this journey alone is some respects.  Just as only a single blood cell can pass through the tiny last passage, carrying its life giving nourishment to the cell.  Only a single blood cell can pass through again carrying away the waste product.  We are both that single cell individually and the single cell corporately.

If we remember that we are still the CHILD MASTER KINGDOM in the womb, then we can see that there are 2 channels in the umbilical cord carrying away the old.  There is one that returns bringing the breath of life again and again.  Help is ever present, built into the system.

Even So Come

Come to Daystar of Aldea.  Bring your seed sack, full of the gifts you have gathered over the years.  Plant your seed and water it here.  We hold the space sacred for your SACRED OFFERING.

Pomegranate Releasing SeedsSomeone needs what you have to give.  There are ears ready and waiting for the good reports.

Pomegranate Releasing SeedsTogether we are the pomegranate, full of ripe seed and ready to reproduce.

Pomegranate Releasing SeedsWe wear the royal crown of stars.

Pomegranate Releasing SeedsWe are the Egyptian head of Double Fruit that causes the forgetting of the sorrows of the earth.

Pomegranate Releasing SeedsAll power is vested in us, the MASTER KINGDOM, destined to master self; not other.  In that process we create a different world for those coming behind us.

Egypt 84 Valley of Kings on way to tomb of Seti


Pomegranate Releasing Seeds We are walking the Valley of  non gender Kings

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Please visit the other website www.RedHeiferLogos.com a blogging site.  Helping you to uncover the hidden Egyptian Treasury of Glorious Rest……YOU

Pomegranate Releasing SeedsBuried under 750,000 English words with millions of meanings.  The treasure chest contains approximately 10,000 words and numbers they give a clear description of the creation story.

Pomegranate Releasing SeedsThe creation is the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD carrying all the seed of all the kingdoms of this world.  This child has an Egyptian head of Double Fruit.

Pomegranate Releasing SeedsThe black fertile soil of lower Egypt/earth contains all the seeds of all that would ever come to materialization.

Pomegranate Releasing SeedsUpper Egypt/heaven is the place where the fruit of those seeds, grows and reproduces itself.

Pomegranate Releasing SeedsThe Egyptian head of Double Fruit is the source of duality; necessary to materialize.



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  1. It was so wonderful meeting you yesterday, Bright!
    It was a very special day and you were the Brightest Star in it.
    I am from xxxxxxx, too!
    I would love to come out and check out the space as soon as
    is humanly possible…I am a bit of a busy girl…
    Thanks again for a wonderful interaction yesterday.
    Many Blessings,
    and Much Love,

    • Hi Lynda Sorry for the delayed response. Thank you for your kind remarks. Visit soon. bright