Sorrow a Poem

Sorrow like a dark cloud hovers over me.
I try to push her away, but she clings whimpering that
she belongs to me.

She is my sorrow and has no other home.
If she is mine, then I created her and there is nothing to fear.

I enter into this dark cloud of Sorrow
expecting to feel very sad and a lot of pain.
What is this gentlest of touch, this kiss like fairy dust from Sorrow?

Then I see, She too has been bruised and battered,
twisted and torn, wounded and left alone.

But of course, Sorrow understands, She’s been there, her experiences
have given Her the ability to be gentle, kind, patient and very loving.

These were the things I had expected from Joy.
Joy has a different quality, that only one has been there can experience.

But right now, I sit holding Sorrow in my genetle arms, loving this
child of mine.

She has taught me to look in the right place for what I seek.
That place within where She was created in the first place.

Bright Capella Daystar
November 2002
Bridle Trails, Bellevue, Washington

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