Pomegranate Releasing Seeds


Some Historical Views of the Pom

The symbol for Daystar of Aldea was carefully chosen for its historical meanings.  You will find many seeds here; but the pom is prominent as it sybolizes sacredness.  Whatever is sacred to YOU is sacred to this place.

The pomegranate symbolizes abundance, fertility lusciousness, generosity and union.

In many cultures as a sumbol of marriage, fertility and love.  The outer leathery skin is in direct contrast to the inside, which is juicy, sweet and full of seeds.  Seeds ready to be dispersed.  It has been held sacred for many centuries by many religions and cultures, long before its current popularity.

The word pomegranate in scripture is actually not the fruit nor the tree; but it was a word that meant growth.  Therefore it is a fitting symbol for humanities processes of growing and changing.

The pom currently holds a high place of honor in the medical realm.  Perhaps the medicine of faith and sacredness from the past is finally being recognized.

I hope you will explore the other pomegranate pages; the Rider Waite Smith Tarot deck.

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