Tarot Pomegranate

There are two cards in this deck, The High Priestess and the Empress with pomegranates.RWS-02-High_Priestess Wikipedia

Pomegranate Releasing SeedsTHE HIGH PRIESTESS sits regally under a pomegranate tree, in the full knowledge of who she is and what she is priestess of; herself and the world she created.  She has gathered the portion of pomegranate seeds assigned to her.

In the original writings from which the King James Bible was translated, the word pomegranate actually meant growth.  Here in this card we see the growth of wisdom.  Growth that comes from being exposed to both night and day; darkness and light.

Wisdom enable her to know when and where to sow those precious seeds gathered in the process of living.  And in what manner they will be distributed.

She is the assured promise of femininity, self nurturer, abundance and creativity.  She sits under the pomegranate tree in a place between dark and light; having melded the two together within her being.  Therefore is confident of who she is and can sit in a place of enlightenment.

She wears a crown much like an Egyptian  deity, Hathor, the cow goddess.  Hathor was the original personification of the Milky Way, which was seen as the milk that flowed from the udders of a heavenly cow.  Hathor became the known as the Goddess of Joy; beloved of so many Egyptians.

We are all Egyptians, for the word Egypt in the ancient scrolls means heaven and earth. http://redheiferlogos.com/

The High Priestess also has the symbol of the moon or is it again the horns of the cow at her feet.  This same symbol of the moon or is it the horns is under the feet of our Lady of Guadalupe.

The sliver of a moon or cow horns is also the way the first Hebrew aleph, Egyptian athoim was written.  It symbolized one united OXhead, but came to represent 1000 OXheads. 

One united or one thousand united is the same.  The zeroes simply represent the past completed cycles of wisdom.  There is only one united OXhead.  All else is simply the divisive manners in which we humans have cut up the sacred wholeness.

That symbol has changed dramatically over time and now in Hebrew looks more like an N than the horns of the one united OXhead.  This is a great loss to human understanding of the ancient writings from which the King James Bible was translated.

Language is very fluid and changes with times.  When we try to apply today’s languages and the current understanding  to the long distant past we often cause distortions of the original intent.  http://redheiferlogos.com/RWS-03-Empress  Wikipedia

Pomegranate Releasing SeedsTHE MOTHER FIGURE  The Empress wears a starry crown and holds a sceptre in the right hand.  This is representative of her personal power over life.  The crown of 12 stars is the symbol of governing that which lies under the stars.  This would be the head and what goes on in the head.

In the original scrolls from which King James Bible was translated.  The Egyptian head of Double Fruit wore a crown of stars that bowed down to assist.  That Egyptian head of Double Fruit caused the forgetting of the sorrows of the worms house, the earth.  This Egyptian head was attached to the neck of the ASS that loved Justice.

She is the queen of  her heaven,  her head.  Her throne is in the midst of a field of grain.  A harvest that is ripe for picking.  She rules over the seed time and the harvest.

What we plant, what we sow, we reap.  www.RedHeiferLogos.com for more information regarding the use of blue non gender word, something remembered, recalled, reshaped, reformed and red non gender, something open, punctured, generative words.

She is wrapped in a garment of pomegranates (growth), broken open and spilling their sweet juiciness over the land she rules; her own earth.  The earth she resides in, representing the feminine part of each one of us.

She casts her seed upon the children in her house; children of Joy, Faith, Grace, Mercy, Hope, Peace and Unconditional Love.  These  seed children grown strong and healthy, pushing out the whiny, fearful, belligerent ones that want to stay in comfort within.

This queen has much to teach us about MASTERING SELF, which is the destiny of the MASTER KINGDOM, HUMAN.  This MASTER KINGDOM grew in the womb of the Black fertile soil of Lower Egypt/earth and was birthed into Upper Egypt/heaven as dual expressions.

The Egyptian head of Double Fruit is necessary for duality to materialize.  The dual expression must come into ONE UNITED OXHEAD for full expression.

Pomegranate Releasing SeedsIt is the Egyptian Treasury of Glorious Rest.

Pomegranate Releasing SeedsThe ark of the covenant, that this MASTER KINGDOM would come to pass.

Pomegranate Releasing SeedsThe ark of the testimony put into the Egyptian Treasury of Glorious Rest after the birthing.

Pomegranate Releasing SeedsThe ark drawn out of the waters of Egypt across a reed sea; a sea of grass.

We err when we relegate a tiny piece of land as Egypt.  It may well be the birthing place of the MASTER KINGDOM birthed from the MASTERSHIP but it is not the enterity of the Egypt of the original scrolls.  That Egypt is heaven and earth.

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